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[Movie Online] Roommates

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Having failed their university entrance exams, Bo-ram and a few hundred other girls have been sent to Younghwa Academy for a year of intensive study, completely shut off from the outside world. The head mistress tells the girls that they’re “already losers,” that the next year will determine the rest of their lives, and that they must suppress every desire and learn to be competitive. The severe dean enforces extremely rigid rules fit for the military, or prison, and non-conformity or “individual acts” merit humiliation and corporal punishment. Bo-ram’s roommates Eun-su, Da-young and Yoo-jin learn to cope by popping pills, hiding a beloved pet hamster and being a rebel, respectively, behaviour that doesn’t go unnoticed by the dean, and drives the girls to the breaking point. To make matters worse, they’re haunted by visions of the fire that’s said to have killed nearly all of the academy’s students three years earlier. But if it was a fire, why are the dead bodies of their dreams cut up and bloodied rather than charred and blackened?

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