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Hii guys!

I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm going to start putting chipIn Donation for upgrading Mediafire4all future facilities for users. If any of you guys are interested in donating money, that would be great! As you might have noticed already, I have put a donation link on this side :) Any amount would be greatly appreciated! If you guys cannot donate, feel free. The following users have donated money to Mediafire4all will be reward by given advertising blogs by contributions you make.

$1 = 2 month advertising blog
$2 = 4 month advertising blog
$3 = 6 month advertising blog
$4 = 8 month advertising blog
$5 above = 12 month advertising blog

The following users have donated money to Mediafire4all would like to extend a very special thanks to them for helping keep Mediafire4all alive and support us ^-^ more download and info will release soon for happy day.

Donation User 2012

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