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Chuck Season 2 [Complete]

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The season continues to focus on Chuck's constant struggle to keep his spy life and real life apart as he becomes more accustomed to being a spy. More background on the Intersect project is revealed. Fulcrum, a hostile espionage organization that covets the Intersect, is featured more heavily as the season's main antagonist. Chuck and Sarah continue to grow closer, complicating their asset-handler relationship.

Chuck S02E02.mkv: Chuck Versus The Seduction

Chuck S02E03.mkv: Chuck Versus Break-up

Chuck S02E04.mkv: Chuck Versus The Cougars

Chuck S02E05.mkv: Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer

Chuck S02E06.mkv: Chuck Versus The Ex

Chuck S02E07.mkv: Chuck Versus The Fat Lady

Chuck S02E08.mkv: Chuck Versus The Gravitron

Chuck S02E09.mkv: Chuck Versus The Sensei

Chuck S02E10.mkv: Chuck Versus The DeLorean

Chuck S02E11.mkv: Chuck Versus Santa Claus

Chuck S02E13.mkv: Chuck Versus The Suburbs

Chuck S02E15.mkv: Chuck Versus The Beefcake

Chuck S02E17.mkv: Chuck Versus The Predator

Chuck S02E19.mkv: Chuck Versus The Dream Job

Chuck S02E21.mkv: Chuck Versus The Colonel

Chuck S02E22.mkv: Chuck Versus The Ring

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