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Extreme Engineering - Kuala Lumpur Mega Tunnel

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Extreme Engineering unveils some of the most ambitious architectural plans of our times. Some are theoretical; others are in the works. But all of these modern marvels pose challenges that stretch the definition of what's possible. Watch as jaw-dropping computer animation and first-hand accounts from builders, designers and engineers breathe life into the most extreme construction projects ever conceived. Episode 2: Kuala Lumpur floods. Fed up with the devastating damage of the 1999 and 2003 flooding, the government gave the go-ahead for an unprecedented solution: A six-mile long, 20-foot high storm drain tunnel drilled directly under the city, feeding from airport to a holding pond out of town. The wrinkle: To make the $525 million dollar project affordable, the Tunnel will do double duty. as a 3 mile double-decker toll road, creating the only fast way into and out of the choking capitol city traffic.

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