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BitDefender All in One 2012 Build Final

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BitDefender Internet Security 2012 - an advanced security system company, combining to act as anti-virus and firewall (firewall), the product is able to prevent the penetration of new viruses and malware that may go unnoticed by other products. In this way you avoid the possibility of data loss and the contents of your correspondence by e-mail, social networks and spy your online activities.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 provides a special kind of quiet protection mode "autopilot": no pop-ups, no setup, does not interrupt your work at the computer. In one all-embracing solution integrates antivirus, antispam, phishing protection, firewall and parental controls. In addition, the solution will protect your Twitter and Facebook accounts from links to harmful web pages and from privacy threats.

Given the intuitive interface for novice users and minimal load on system resources, BitDefender can be considered one of the best products in the field of security at the moment. It foreseen three modes: source, standard and enhanced. As the difficulties of functions increases. In each mode (at any time it can change) is set as "home" window, in which some features are deleted as unnecessary in the background, while others are activated.

The main components of Bitdefender Internet Security 2012:
• Antivirus and antispyware
• Phishing
• SafeSearch
• Quick Scan
• Manage your home network
• Encrypting chats
• Protection of social networks
• Antsipam
• Firewall
• Parental Control

Basic ability to Bitdefender Internet Security 2012:
• New! Recovery Mode
Reboot computer in a trusted environment, which is used to clean and restore the system
• New! Virtual Browser
isolates the web browser from the Windows operating system environment provided by Bitdefender for blocking Web threats
• New! Autopilot
provides the best mode of preservation, without the user's role
• New! Protection of social networks
filter the links that you get from your friends at Facebook and Twitter, and controls the characteristics of confidentiality
• New! Scan Manager
scanning system in standby mode. How to start when implementing resource falls below a certain threshold, thus avoiding the impact on system performance
• Active virus control
behavioral monitoring of the trigger actions to detect new and unknown viruses
• Vulnerability Scanner
Inspects your computer for missing or outdated programs from safety, as well as potentially unsafe configuration of the system
• Anti-Spam
blocks unwanted e-mail messages - spam
• Two-way firewall
monitoring Web communications, protecting Wi-Fi connection from unauthorized
• Parental Control
blocks unwanted Web content, limit access in certain time intervals, allows parents to monitor children online activity
• Improved! Safe Search
warns about dangerous web sites, web search results in Google and Bing
• The filter of personal data
prevents leakage of the fundamental data from company
• Phishing
Protection from phishing and identity theft by credit card, block fraudulent Web sites
• Encrypting chats
keeps your private discussions in Yahoo! Messenger

Treatment procedure:
Start the installation of utilities that the installation process will be a registration window, copy the license code or generate the file with KeyGen BitDef2012.exe and paste into the window.
PS Keys to the 2011 and rises to version 2012.

System requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7 (x86/64)
Download Keygen for ALL TYPE DEFENDER
BitDefender Total Security Serial :640E40A0FE3352ECC89B
BitDefender Internet Security Serial : 646FAD051CD2F6EB26ED
BitDefender Antivirus Plus Serial : 6090D99F6CF0E9190D82
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