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The Assault (2010)

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Saturday, December 24 1994.Quatre GIA terrorists take hostages in Algiers Airbus A-300 Air France between the Algerian capital to Paris and 227 people on board. Nobody knows their intentions: they are armed and appear extremely déterminés.Les terrorists demand the release of their comrades in arms and demand the immediate departure of the aircraft. But it is finally after long diplomatic negotiations stretched between the French and Algerian and execution of three passengers that the plane leaves the airport in Algiers. We Monday, December 26, it’s 3:33 morning, when the Air France Airbus landed at Marseille-Marignane.Trois characters, Thierry, a soldier of the GIGN, Carole Jeanton, an ambitious technocrat Yahia Abdallah, a jihadist are determined in the heart of the event. Their logical outcome will compete to final.Devant 21 million viewers, the GIGN storm will put an end to the hostage taking unprecedented in the history of terrorism …

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