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SP The Motion Picture – Yabo Hen [2010]

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In 2007, Bayside Shakedown director Motohiro Katsuyuki brought Hollywood-style contemporary action to Japanese television screens with the late-night drama SP (Security Police). After the series broke rating records in its time-slot and spawned an even more successful drama special, a film version was underway. Two years later, SP arrives in Japanese cinemas with a spectacular two-part film that reportedly took eight long months to film. Written by novelist Kaneshiro Kazuki (who also wrote the series) and produced by Kameyama Chihiro, SP: The Motion Picture brings back V6′s Okada Junichi as the Security Police agent with superhuman senses and Tsutsumi Shinichi as his stern boss. With a bigger budget, SP: The Motion Picture – Yabo Hen immediately ups the ante on the action by opening with an exciting 10-minute chase on the streets of Tokyo, leaving Japanese audiences breathless. Part one of the film – titled Yabo Hen – opens with Inoue Kaoru (Okada Junichi) using his extraordinary powers to thwart another deadly terrorist attack on a charity event. However, Kaoru’s rule-breaking ways also earn him stern warnings from his superiors, including his boss Ogata (Tsutsumi Shunichi). At the same time, an ambitious terrorist plot is being hatched deep within the government by government official Kunio (Kagawa Terayuki), putting Kaoru’s team in the line of fire.

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