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Video Clip Seriously Cool - But you Maybe Never Look

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So allow me to Introduce you to one of the most original videos ever Produced.Imitation of Life by R.E.M. Why do you need to see the videos this? This is the Gist of the videos from Wikipedia.."The single's music video, depicting a scene of an elaborate pool party, was shot in Los Angeles by Garth Jennings. Michael Stipe, in an interview with MTV UK in 2001, explained how the video was made. "The entire video took twenty seconds to shoot. What you're watching is a loop that goes forwards for twenty seconds, backwards for twenty seconds, forwards for twenty seconds, backwards for twenty seconds, with one camera, static, and then using a technique called 'pan and scan', which is a technical thing that is used when they go from a widescreen format and reformat to fit your television or DVD, moving in on certain parts of the entire picture. And you'll see that we do that picking up various people within the frame."

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