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Boy Goes To Heaven

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he young Nae-mo, played by Kim Kwan-woo, is the only son of a single mother who runs a watch repair shop in a small town. He loves singing the popular songs of the 1980s and looks cheerful, but wonders why he isn’t allowed to know about his father whom he never met.Nae-mo is indeed an interesting character. Since he has an unmarried mother and thinks he understands the loneliness of his mother, Nae-mo decides to marry an unmarried mom in the future. His life suddenly takes a drastic turn when his mother commits suicide out of despair and sorrow. Nae-mo is now living alone, managing his own household alone (don’t ask why and how a young boy is left alone in the empty house instead of being sent off to an orphanage since this is, well, a pure-play fantasy).Where there was his mother’s watch store, a comic book rental shop comes in – along with its female owner named Buja who turns out to be an unmarried mother.
Nae-mo instantly falls for Bu-ja since she is the dream-come-true woman for his life. Not only is she an unmarried mother with a son who’s younger than Nae-mo, Bu-ja is also a sexually attractive and sensuously irresistible lady.The transformation happens at a movie theater (which is a symbolic place as it’s the center of boyhood fantasy). When a fire breaks out at the theater, Nae-mo stays inside to rescue Bu-ja’s son and somehow he dies instead.
Or so he thinks. It turns out that a death messenger get things mixed up and Nae-mo’s real father also plays a role mysteriously to resurrect Nae-mo. The catch is that his life restarts at the age of 33 (body only) and his age advances quite rapidly (one day in his new life is a year passed). He is supposed to live until 93, and that’s 60 more years, but thanks to the pact with the death messenger, it translates into just 60 more days.
The 33-year-old Nae-mo, who is now played by Park Hae-il, pretends to be his own father since nobody believes he’s the young boy in a grown-up’s body. And his quest for marrying the unmarried mother Bu-ja gains momentum

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