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Naruto X Uniqlo Ova 2011

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Alternative title:
Naruto x Uniqlo Special (OVA)
Naruto x Uniqlo Special (OVA)
Naruto x Uniqlo Special (OVA)
Naruto x UT
Original video animation
Released: 2011
Episodes: 1
Duration: 6min
Plot :
Sakura cries, holding a seemingly dead Naruto, who has slash marks in his chest, in her arms, with Kakashi besides her. A recap is shown Naruto and Sasuke's fights. They both face each other in battle again, Naruto using Asuma and Shikamaru's Chakra Blades and Sasuke using his Sword of Kusanagi. They finish with a Rasengan and Chidori. After the flashback, Naruto wakes up, comforting Sakura, who is crying; meanwhile, Kabuto and Madara gaze at the aftermath of the battle. A wounded Sasuke smirks and shows his Sharingan, which changes into Itachi's Mangekyō, and then into Sasuke's own, following the cry of a baby.


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