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Eugénie Grandet [Novel]

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Title: Eugénie Grandet

Author(s): Honoré de Balzac
Published: 1833
Page: 187 pages
Size: 1.24 Mb
Format: PDF
Language: English

Eugénie Grandet is a 1833 novel by Honoré de Balzac about miserliness, and how it is bequeathed from the father to the daughter, Eugénie, through her unsatisfying love attachment with her cousin. As is usual with Balzac, all the characters in the novel are fully realized. Balzac conceived his grand project, The Human Comedy, while writing Eugénie Grandet and incorporated it into the Comédie by revising the names of some of the characters in the second edition.


Eugénie Grandet

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