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Perfect Wedding [2010]

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Lok Yan [Miriam Yeung] was ditched by her fiance on their wedding day. Thereafter she started to work her way up to become a wedding planner, gaining fame planning wedding for many acclaimed celebrities. One night, in a bar, she meets a young attorney, Fung [Raymond Lam], and they spend a passionate night together in a hotel – with no plans to never meet again. Fate brings them together again at a wedding. Their one night stand now becomes a debt dispute since Fung’s boss owes Yan’s company fees for 30 weddings. When Fung’s boss runs away, Fung is left to clear the debt and so he starts working for Yan.

Country : Hong Kong
Language : Cantonese
Subtitle : English
Year : 2010
Genre : Romance, Comedy

Original Uploading : mediafire4alls

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