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Naruto Shippuden Series TV

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Neji fights Naruto in the final rounds of Chunin exams. Feudal Lords are present. Rogue ninjas of Sound and Sand attack Hidden Leaf Village. Orochimaru started his destruction of the Hidden Leaf. This treachery turned Hidden Leaf into chaos and that plays into hands of Kiba enemies from Clod, diguised as Anbu Black Opps. These ninjas kidnapped Hinata, because she carries Byakugan, a very special jutsu protected by Hidden Leaf.
Neji, Tenten, Ko and Akamaru are rushing to the border to capture these ninja enemies and save Hinata. They get ambushed by wolf like creatures setup as traps by Cloud. Tenten with dragon bombs very skillfully took care of this problem. Neji caught up to the ninjas holding Hinata, but soon was captured by mud wave. With his hand and foot paralyzed he couldn't defend himself, but the final blow of mud needle was averted by Lord Hiashi. Hiashi saved the day and explained that both Hinata and Neji are related to him and that he wouldn't allow anything happen to them.
So, how did Naruto fit in this picture? When Neji fought him earlier that day at chunin exams, Naruto told Neji that he also suffers and like Neji he also tries to change to gain acceptance. This no doubt taught Neji a lesson as he determined to go save Hinata from grave danger.

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