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Eco Tycoon Project Green

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Eco Tycoon: Project Green
PC game | ValuSoft | Genre: Modern City-Building | 246 MB

It's up to you to balance the nation's economy, power levels, food supplies, water supplies, and natural resources while working to reduce CO2 levels and keeping population happy. By playing this game, you'll gain a better perspective of the challenges facing our global economy in trying to change the world and in learning, you'll also help find out how you can help!

Game Features :

* Do More! Build additional buildings to cope with the people’s needs for power, food and water.
* Power More! Earn enough money to keep the nation afloat and enough fuel to power the various power stations.
* Earn More! Export excess fuel such as oil or coal to bring in extra money to the nation’s coffers.
* Learn More! Use the 7 Government Advisors to gain helpful advice on finance, energy, farming, politics, the environment, mining and research.
* Hit key ecological targets while working towards an ultimate goal at the end of the time limit or be voted out of office if your popularity falls too low due to bad economical and ecological decisions.
* Set up government policies such as introducing a carbon tax, subsidizing domestic solar panels and encouraging the use of public transport to try to cut down CO2 emissions and save money.
* Watch out for natural disasters including earthquakes, tsunamis, oil spills and nuclear waste – they are a direct result of your performance.

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