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City Monkey [2010]

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Beijing, the present day. Parkour-mad He Zhipeng [Sheng Chao], 19, lives in a traditional courtyard house in Dongbiao hutong with his mother, laundry worker Luo Sufang [Lü Liping], and grandmother Bai Shuzhen [Li Bin], onetime member of Tianqiao Acrobatic Theatre. A member of parkour team City Monkeys, Zhipeng has been neglecting his studies for his forthcoming university entrance exams, much to the distress of his mother, who walked out on her husband 10 years ago and has been struggling to raise her son on her own ever since. When she’s laid off at work, and then forbids Zhipeng to do any more parkour till he passes his exams, mother and son clash.

Also Known As : Wan Ku Qing Chun
Country : China
Language : Mandarin
Subtitle : English + Chinese [Hardsubbed]
Year : 2010
Genre : Drama / Action

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