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Beyond Sherwood Forest [2009]

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“Beyond Sherwood Forest” was the first internet movie version of Robin Hood, made for an age when entertainment on the ‘net challenged television ratings like television once challenged the movies.
Three riders charged with looking after Nottingham in King Richard’s absence, are attacked by a dragon. It slays one of the men outright, before being wounded by a second and diving into Sherwood Forest. But when the remaining two men go in search all they find slumped against a tree is a naked girl with an arrow in her side. Malcolm, the superior of the two, plunges his sword into the girl but she cannot be killed. So, realising what a powerful weapon she could prove to be in his plan to become Sheriff of Nottingham and side with Prince John against the King, he kills the other man, Loxley, and takes the girl prisoner. However, watching on from the bushes is the young boy Robert of Loxley who, seeing his father killed in this way, flees deeper into the forest. There he comes to rest before a mystical portal in the trees, leading to another world Beyond Sherwood Forest.

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